Friday, July 20, 2012

If you can't stand the HEAT...make sorbet

It is Houston in the summer time.  I was talking to myself the other day when I realized two things...1. I was talking out loud and 2. I noticed I was saying, 'What on earth possessed me to move to Houston?'  I don't regret this move.  I was able to become a teacher, live in a great city with amazing food, atmosphere and culture but the heat 9 months out of the year is too much for me.  I have decided that I will spend as much of the remainder of this summer laying on the couch, reading books, and eating lemon sorbet.  Its yummy and even yummier when mixed with vodka or rum, whichever you happen to have an abundance of for a nice afternoon refresher.

Check out Emeril's great recipe.  Mine is in the ice cream maker right now!

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